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Please note that some courses have a second meeting time and that second-meetings may not always be in the same classroom.

Date 07-Jun-99                                                       Page 1 

PERIOD   ROOM   CRS ID:          Y TITLE                 INSTRUCTOR(S)      ENR
-------- ------ ---------------- - --------------------- --------------- ------
1&A      ASC120 GREK-11.00 98/1S Y ELEMENTARY GREEK      McCulloh, W.         8
1        ASC201 LATN-11.00 98/1S Y ELEMENTARY LATIN      Weber, C.           14
1        ASC202 ENGL-01.02 98/1S Y LITERATURE & LANGUAGE Lentz, P.           19
1        OLNAUD ARHS-14.00 98/1S   INTRO TO ASIAN ART    Blick, S.           43
1&W\2    PRC 01 MATH-11.02 98/1S   CALCULUS A            Slack, S.            7
1        PRC201 MUSC-08.00 98/1S   HISTORY OF JAZZ       Buehrer, T.         39
1        SM 101 PHYS-11.00 98/1S Y INTR CLAS& MODRN PHYS Schumacher, B.      27
--------                                                                 ------
       7                                                                    157

2        ASC114 RUSS-13.00 98/1S Y INTERMEDIATE RUSSIAN  Olshanskaya, N.      4
2        ASC120 CLAS-26.00 98/1S   ATHENS & ALEXANDER    Hahnemann, C.       24
2        ASC125 ECON-11.01 98/1S   PRIN MICROECONOMICS   Cooke, P.           31
2        ASC126 ECON-21.01 98/1S   MICROECONOMIC THEORY  Gensemer, B.        16
2        ASC201 JAPN-13.00 98/1S Y INTERMEDIATE MOD JAPN Tomita, H.           4
2        ASC202 CHNS-13.00 98/1S Y INTERMEDIATE MOD CHIN Wu, X.               5
2        ASC220 PHIL-14.00 98/1S   PRAC ISSUES IN ETHICS Nilsson, U.         43
2        ASC225 RELN-11.04 98/1S   INTRO TO STUDY RELN   Rhodes, R.          24
2&A      ASC326 ITAL-11.00 98/1S Y INTENSIVE INTRO ITALN Richards, L.        18
2        BAIL10 LGLS-10.00 98/1S   INTRO LEGAL STUDIES   Sheffield, R.       16
2        BAIL25 SOCY-11.00 98/1S   IDENT IN AM SOCIETY   Sacks, H.           26
MF\2&3   BLTTHR DRAM-36.00 98/1S   ACTNG&DIRECT CAMER    Tazewell, J.        12
2        HIG209 BIOL-52.00 98/1S   FRESHWATER BIOLOGY    Fennessy, M.        10
2        HIGAUD BIOL-06.01 98/1S   FROM CELL TO ORGANISM Edwards, R.         42
2        HRWITZ PSCI-01.03 98/1S Y QUEST FOR JUSTICE     Emmert, K.          23
2&3      MAC010 ARTS-03.00 98/1S   3-D DESIGN            Gunderson, B.       14
2        OLNAUD ARHS-22.00 98/1S   ART NRTH RENAISSANCE  Blick, S.           31
2        PLM200 ANTH-11.00 98/1S   CONTEMP HMNS:BIOANTHR Smail, K.           20
2        PM 205 CHEM-45.00 98/1S   BIOINORGANIC CHEM     Marusak, R.          5
2        PM 207 CHEM-31.00 98/1S   ORGANIC CHEMISTRY I   Ottinger, E.        45
2&M\1    PRC 01 MATH-11.01 98/1S   CALCULUS A            Schumacher, C.      22
2        ROS 23 MUSC-03.00 98/1S   BASIC MUSICIANSHIP I  Locke, B.           37
2        SM 201 PSYC-20.00 98/1S   STATISTICAL ANALYSIS  Smolak, L.          14
2        SM 224 PSYC-20.02 98/1S   STATISTICAL ANALYSIS  Murnen, S.          16
2        SUNSET ENGL-01.03 98/1S Y LITERATURE & LANGUAGE Klein, W.           20
--------                                                                 ------
      25                                                                    522

3        ASC 25 MATH-32.00 98/1S   VECTOR CALCULUS       Holdener, J.         5
3        ASC120 PHIL-33.00 98/1S   19TH C PHILOSOPHY     Nilsson, U.         20
3        ASC125 PSCI-21.01 98/1S   LIBERAL DEMOC IN AMER Elliott, J.         21
3        ASC126 ECON-21.02 98/1S   MICROECONOMIC THEORY  Gensemer, B.        24
3        ASC201 HIST-18.00 98/1S   WMN MOD EURO SOC&POL  Furlough, E.        23
3        ASC202 SPAN-13.01 98/1S Y CONVERSATN &COMPOSITN Piano, C.           16
3        ASC220 ENGL-61.00 98/1S Y AMERICAN LITERATURE   Lentz, P.           47
3&B      ASC225 SPAN-11.00 98/1S Y INTENSV INTRO SPANISH Roman-Odio, C.      14
3&A      ASC226 FREN-11.00 98/1S Y INTENSIVE INTRO FREN  Blacker, J.          9
3        ASC326 FREN-13.01 98/1S Y INTERMEDIATE FRENCH   Cowles, M.          14
3&B      BAIL 1 JAPN-11.00 98/1S Y INTENS INTRO MOD JAPN Taguchi, N.         10
3        BAIL10 ANTH-13.01 98/1S   INTRO CULTURAL ANTHRO Suggs, D.           32
3        BAIL25 SOCY-12.00 98/1S   SOCIAL IMAGINATION    McCarthy, G.        25
3&4      COLBRN ARTS-02.01 98/1S   DRAWING/DESIGN        Esslinger, C.       18
3        DAN100 DANC-05.00 98/1S Y INTRODUCTION TO DANCE Wittrock, A.        15
3        HIG208 LATN-71.00 98/1S   ROMAN ELEGY           Weber, C.            2
3        HIG209 BIOL-06.02 98/1S   FROM CELL TO ORGANISM Itagaki, H.         40
3        HIGAUD BIOL-63.00 98/1S   MOLECULAR BIOLOGY     Marcey, D.          24
3        HILTHR DRAM-03.00 98/1S   VOICE & DICTION       Marley, H.          26
3        HRWITZ PSCI-01.06 98/1S Y QUEST FOR JUSTICE     Jensen, P.          22
3&4      MAC020 ARTS-29.00 98/1S   DOCUMENTRY PHOTOGRPHY Spaid, G.           10
3        OLN307 ENGL-01.05 98/1S Y LITERATURE & LANGUAGE McMullen, K.        17
3        OLNAUD ARHS-10.00 98/1S   SURVEY ART ANC WORLD  Dwyer, E.           48
3        PM 205 ENGL-12.02 98/1S   AM NOVEL,1945-PRESENT Kluge, F.           21
3        PM 207 CHEM-11.00 98/1S   FUNDAMENTALS CHEM I   Lutton, J.          52
3        PRC 01 MATH-06.01 98/1S   ELEMENTS OF STATISTIC Hartlaub, B.        23
3        PRC201 MUSC-01.00 98/1S Y INTRO TO MUSIC        Heuchemer, D.       32
3        SM 101 PHYS-15.00 98/1S   CLASSICAL PHYSICS     Turner, P.          19
3        SM 108 PSYC-01.04 98/1S   INTRO TO PSYCHOLOGY   Graves, D.          29
3        SM 201 ECON-11.02 98/1S   PRIN MICROECONOMICS   Melick, W.          32
3        SM 203 PSCI-29.00 98/1S   AM CONSTITUTIONAL LAW Clor, H.            34
3&B      SM 205 CHNS-11.00 98/1S Y INTENS INTRO MOD CHIN Wu, X.              10
3        SM 224 PSYC-41.00 98/1S   LEARNING & MOTIVATION Williams, J.        26
3        SUNSET ENGL-12.01 98/1S   INTRO AFRICAN-AM LIT  Mason, T.           22
3        TMBRLK ENGL-01.08 98/1S Y LITERATURE & LANGUAGE Mankoff, E.         17
--------                                                                 ------
      35                                                                    799

4        ACLAND PHIL-10.02 98/1S   INTRO TO PHILOSOPHY   Pessin, A.          29
4&W\5    ASC 25 MATH-11.13 98/1S   CALCULUS A            Jones, B.            0
4        ASC114 GREK-71.00 98/1S   ADV GREK:LITER GENRES Hahnemann, C.        6
4        ASC125 ECON-49.00 98/1S   INTERN'L ECON         Trethewey, R.       23
4&B      ASC126 GERM-11.00 98/1S Y INTENS INTRO GERMAN   Moore, E.            8
4        ASC201 ECON-12.00 98/1S   PRIN MACROECONOMICS   Cooke, P.           11
4        ASC202 SPAN-13.02 98/1S Y CONVERSATN &COMPOSITN Metzler, L.         19
4        ASC220 IPHS-13.00 98/1S Y ART & AUTHORITY       Brint,Staff         79
4        ASC225 RELN-31.00 98/1S   FAITH OF CHRISTIANS   Rhodes, R.          38
4        ASC326 FREN-13.02 98/1S Y INTERMEDIATE FRENCH   Guiney, M.          20
4        BAIL10 PSCI-22.00 98/1S   SCHOOL REFORM         Emmert, K.          29
4        BAIL12 GREK-21.00 98/1S   INTERMED GREK: PROSE  McCulloh, W.         8
4        BAIL25 ARHS-27.00 98/1S   AMERICAN ART TO 1900  Dabakis, M.         32
4        BLT200 DRAM-24.00 98/1S   THE COSTUME DESIGNER  Pisano, L.           7
4        DAN100 DANC-07.01 98/1S   DANC TECHNIQ:BEG MODR Wittrock, A.        24
4        DAVIS  CHIN-15.00 98/1S   CLAS CHIN LIT IN ENGL Finefrock, J.       10
4        HIG208 BIOL-45.00 98/1S   BIOPHYS PROC PLANTS   Edwards, R.          3
4        HIG209 ENGL-30.00 98/1S   SHAKESPEARE           Davidson, A.        30
4        HIGAUD BIOL-08.00 98/1S   POPLTN & ENVRNMNT BIO Heithaus,Fennes     72
4        HRWITZ PSCI-01.02 98/1S Y QUEST FOR JUSTICE     Spiekerman, T.      20
4&D      OLN307 RUSS-11.00 98/1S Y INTENSV INTRO RUSSIAN Olshanskaya, N.      9
4        OLN317 GERM-13.00 98/1S Y READNG,SPEAKNG,WRITNG Hecht, E.            7
4        OLNAUD PSCI-31.01 98/1S   CLASSIC QUEST JUSTICE Jensen, P.          28
4        PLM200 ENGL-42.00 98/1S   LATE 18C ENGL LIT     Carson, J.          17
4        PM 205 CHEM-56.00 98/1S   BIOCHEMISTRY          Lutton, J.          26
4        PM 207 CHEM-15.00 98/1S   MOL STRUC & PROPERT I Marusak,Batt        24
4&W\5    PRC 01 MATH-11.03 98/1S   CALCULUS A            Jones, B.           22
4        PRC201 MUSC-13.00 98/1S   MUS HIST:MID AGE&REN  Heuchemer, D.       11
4        SM 101 HIST-12.00 98/1S   EARLY MODERN EUROPE   Browning, R.        41
4        SM 105 PHYS-41.00 98/1S   QUANTUM MECHANICS     Schumacher, B.      11
4        SM 108 MATH-41.00 98/1S   ANALYSIS I            Schumacher, C.       8
4        SM 201 PSYC-50.00 98/1S   SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY     Fenigstein, A.      30
4        SM 203 PSYC-35.00 98/1S   DEVELOPMENTAL PSYC    Smolak, L.          30
4        SM 224 PSYC-01.05 98/1S   INTRO TO PSYCHOLOGY   McFarlane, H.       31
4        TMBRLK ENGL-01.01 98/1S Y LITERATURE & LANGUAGE Kimbrell, J.        17
--------                                                                 ------
      35                                                                    780

5        ASC114 LATN-21.00 98/1S   INTERMED LATN:PROSE   Weber, C.            7
M-F\NOON ASC120 CHIN-11.00 98/1S   ELEM CLASSICAL CHIN   Finefrock, J.        9
5        ASC125 SPAN-51.00 98/1S Y SPANISH AMERICA NOVEL Piano, C.           13
5        ASC126 PSCI-21.02 98/1S   LIBERAL DEMOC IN AMER Elliott, J.         30
5        ASC201 ECON-11.03 98/1S   PRIN MICROECONOMICS   Trethewey, R.       25
5        ASC202 GERM-21.00 98/1S Y ADV CONVERSATN & COMP Hecht, E.           10
5        ASC220 ENGL-24.00 98/1S   DIVINE COMEDY         Shutt, T.           44
5        ASC225 PHIL-23.00 98/1S   SYMBOLIC LOGIC        Pessin, A.          23
5        ASC326 FREN-21.00 98/1S   ADV COMP & CONVERSATN Cowles, M.          19
5        HIL100 DRAM-55.00 98/1S   MODERN DRAMA          Marley, H.          24
5        OLN307 RUSS-21.00 98/1S   ADVANCED RUSSIAN      Olshanskaya, N.      2
5        OLNAUD HIST-21.00 98/1S   U.S. HIST:1492-1865   Scott, W.           51
5        PLM200 ANTH-12.00 98/1S   INTRO TO ARCHAEOLOGY  Schortman, E.       29
5&F\4    PRC 01 MATH-12.01 98/1S   CALCULUS B            Holdener, J.        13
M-F\NOON ROSAUD MUSC-73.00 98/1S   KC CHAMBER SINGERS    Locke, B.           54
5        SM 201 PSYC-43.00 98/1S   SENSATION&PERCEPTION  Niemiec, A.         16
5        SM 224 SPAN-13.03 98/1S Y CONVERSATN &COMPOSITN Buigues Dura, S     15
5        SUNSET ENGL-01.04 98/1S Y LITERATURE & LANGUAGE Mason, T.           17
--------                                                                 ------
      18                                                                    401

W-AFT    ACLAND HIST-99.03 98/1S   SR SEM:VICTORIAN ERA  Furlough, E.        11
W-AFT    ASC114 HIST-30.02 98/1S   1STYR SEM:NATVES&COLN Wortman, R.         12
6        ASC120 FREN-45.00 98/1S   HEART & REASON        Guiney, M.           8
6        ASC125 PSCI-31.02 98/1S   CLASSIC QUEST JUSTICE Jensen, P.          27
6        ASC126 PSCI-01.08 98/1S Y QUEST FOR JUSTICE     Emmert, K.          19
6        ASC201 ECON-11.04 98/1S   PRIN MICROECONOMICS   Melick, W.          32
6        ASC202 FREN-33.00 98/1S   INTRO TO FRENCH LIT I Blacker, J.         12
WF\6&7   ASC220 RELN-89.00 98/1S   RELIGION & NATURE     Dean-Otting, M.     17
6        ASC226 PSCI-47.00 98/1S   POLITICS OF DEVELPMNT Klesner, J.         25
6        BAIL 1 ENGL-01.10 98/1S Y LITERATURE & LANGUAGE Belieu, E.          18
M-AFT    BAIL12 ARHS-82.00 98/1S   SEM: ICONOGRAPHY      Dwyer, E.            5
6        BAIL25 SOCY-52.00 98/1S   ETHICS & SOC JUSTICE  McCarthy,Rhodes     18
6        BAIL25 RELN-52.00 98/1S   ETHICS & SOC JUSTICE  Rhodes,McCarthy     13
6&7      BXH107 ARTS-61.00 98/1S   VIDEO ART             Esslinger, C.       11
F-AFT    HIG109 BIOL-09.04 98/1S   INTRO TO EXPER BIO-I  Itagaki, H.         13
W-AFT    HIG109 BIOL-09.02 98/1S   INTRO TO EXPER BIO-I  Gillen, C.          15
F-AFT    HIG208 BIOL-85.00 98/1S   RESEARCH STRATEGIES   Lee, T.              6
6        HIG209 ENGL-53.00 98/1S   20TH CEN BRIT LIT     Kimbrell, J.        22
W-AFT    HIG210 BIOL-34.00 98/1S   PLANT BIOLOGY LAB     Sklensky, D.        14
W-AFT    HIG307 BIOL-64.00 98/1S   PRIN GENE MANIPULTION Lee, T.             16
6        HIGAUD BIOL-02.00 98/1S   AIDS, HIV & VIRUSES   Marcey, D.          42
6        HRWITZ PSCI-01.05 98/1S Y QUEST FOR JUSTICE     Spiekerman, T.      21
6&7      MAC010 ARTS-13.00 98/1S   SITE SPECIFIC SCULPT  Gunderson, B.        7
6        OLN307 ENGL-01.11 98/1S Y LITERATURE & LANGUAGE Shutt, T.           20
W-AFT    OLN317 HIST-79.03 98/1S   MEDIEVL SPAINS        Bowman, J.           8
6        OLNAUD ARHS-12.00 98/1S   MOD EURO& AM ART      Dabakis, M.         48
M-AFT    PM 205 CHEM-17.01 98/1S   EXP INVEST MOL STR I  Cummings, S.         9
W-AFT    PM 205 CHEM-13.01 98/1S   INTR EXPERIMNT CHEM I Thomas, D.          17
W-AFT    PM 207 CHEM-33.02 98/1S   ORGANC CHEMSTRY LAB I Watson, A.          13
6&W\7    PRC 01 MATH-12.02 98/1S   CALCULUS B            Shults, B.          10
6        SM 201 PSYC-01.06 98/1S   INTRO TO PSYCHOLOGY   Stoltzfus, E.       28
6        SM 205 PSYC-83.00 98/1S   METHODS:STUDY GENDER  Murnen, S.          13
W-AFT    SM 303 PSYC-02.00 98/1S   INTRO METHODS BIOPSYC Williams, J.         4
W-AFT    SUNSET ENGL-90.02 98/1S   HAWTHORNE             Smith, J.            8
--------                                                                 ------
      34                                                                    562

MW\7&8   ASC120 MFLL-83.00 98/1S   CRITCL THRY LIT TXTS  Cowles,Moore         9
MW\7&8   ASC125 RELN-33.00 98/1S   CLASSICAL ISLAM       Schubel, V.         22
MW\7&8   ASC126 PHIL-73.00 98/1S   SEM ON METAPHYSICS    Pessin, A.          26
7        ASC201 ECON-42.00 98/1S   ECONOMICS OF REGULATN Harrington, D.      27
7        ASC202 SPAN-74.00 98/1S   SPAN POETRY-20TH CENT Metzler, L.          7
MW\7&8   ASC225 PHIL-43.00 98/1S   PHILOSOPHY OF LAW     Nilsson, U.         17
7        ASC326 RELN-29.00 98/1S   CHINESE RELIGIONS     Adler, J.           29
MW\7&8   BAIL 1 ENGL-15.00 98/1S   WOMN IN RENAISSNC LIT Mankoff, E.         21
7        BAIL10 SPAN-21.02 98/1S Y ADV GRAMR, CONV, COMP Buigues Dura, S     15
7        BAIL25 ENGL-32.00 98/1S   MILTON                Davidson, A.        23
MF\7&8   DAN100 DANC-09.01 98/1S   BEGIN BALLET TECHNQUE Wittrock, A.        12
MW\7&8   HIG208 ENGL-09.00 98/1S   AUTOBIOGRAPHY WORKSHP Vigderman, P.       10
7        HIG209 ENGL-55.00 98/1S   MODERN SHORT STORY    Klein, W.           31
7        HIL301 DRAM-31.00 98/1S Y PLAYWRITING & DRM THR MacLeod, W.         12
MW\7&8   HRWITZ PSCI-57.00 98/1S   US FORGN POLICY/WW II McKeown, A.          9
7&8      MAC020 ARTS-06.00 98/1S   B & W PHOTOGRAPHY     Spaid, G.           18
MW\7&8   OLN307 ENGL-90.01 98/1S   YEATS,HEANEY,BOLAND   McMullen, K.         8
7        PRC 01 MATH-10.00 98/1S   PRECALCULUS           Schumacher, C.      25
7        ROS 23 MUSC-11.00 98/1S Y MUSIC THEORY          Buehrer, T.         11
7        SM 108 MATH-35.00 98/1S   ABSTRACT ALGEBRA I    Holdener, J.         3
7        SM 201 PSYC-28.00 98/1S   HUMAN SEXUAL BEHAVIOR Fenigstein, A.      29
7        SM 203 PSYC-01.07 98/1S   INTRO TO PSYCHOLOGY   Graves, D.          31
MW\7&8   SM 224 HIST-03.00 98/1S   LATE IMPERIAL CHINA   Dunnell, R.         26
--------                                                                 ------
      23                                                                    421

8        ASC226 MATH-36.00 98/1S   PROBABILITY           Hartlaub, B.         6
8        ASC326 ITAL-13.00 98/1S Y LANGUAGE & CULTURE    Pisano, P.           3
8        HILTHR DRAM-22.00 98/1S   THE ACTOR             Turgeon, T.         18
8        PRC 01 MATH-06.02 98/1S   ELEMENTS OF STATISTIC Jones, B.           18
MW\8     ROS 23 MUSC-39.00 98/1S   VOICE CLASS           Bjerke, H.           8
MW\8     ROSAUD MUSC-80.00 98/1S   INSTRMNTL JAZZ ENSEMB Mills, P.           13
--------                                                                 ------
       6                                                                     66

MF\4:10  DAN100 DANC-09.02 98/1S   INTERMED BALLET TECH  Wittrock, A.        14
--------                                                                 ------
       1                                                                     14

A        ASC114 CHNS-21.00 98/1S   ADVANCED MODERN CHIN  Wu, X.               4
A        ASC125 RELN-11.03 98/1S   INTRO TO STUDY RELN   Rogan, D.           26
A        ASC126 PHIL-10.01 98/1S   INTRO TO PHILOSOPHY   McLaren, R.         28
A        ASC201 ECON-31.00 98/1S   ECON DEVEL 3RD WORLD  Cooke, P.           19
A        ASC202 SPAN-35.00 98/1S   LIT&POPULR CUL LAT AM Roman-Odio, C.      25
A        ASC220 WMNS-11.00 98/1S   INT WOMENS &GNDR STDS Finke, L.           26
A        ASC225 JAPN-21.00 98/1S Y ADVANCED JAPANESE     Tomita, H.           4
A        BAIL25 HIST-01.00 98/1S   PRE&EARLY COLNL AFRIC Scully, P.          31
A&B      BXH201 ARTS-04.00 98/1S   THEMATIC STUDIO       Snouffer, K.        13
A&B      COLBRN ARTS-02.02 98/1S   DRAWING/DESIGN        Garhart, M.         24
A        HIG209 BIOL-55.00 98/1S   GENETIC ANALYSIS      Lee, T.              4
A        HIGAUD BIOL-41.00 98/1S   ANIMAL PHYSIOLOGY     Gillen, C.          13
A        HILTHR DRAM-11.01 98/1S Y INTRO TO THEATER      Marley,Staff        34
A        HRWITZ PSCI-01.07 98/1S Y QUEST FOR JUSTICE     Baumann, F.         21
A        PLM200 ANTH-25.00 98/1S   OSTEOLOGY, ANTHROMTRY Smail, K.           12
A        PM 207 CHEM-41.00 98/1S   INSTRUMENTAL ANALYSIS Lutton,Marusak       7
A        PRC 01 MATH-29.00 98/1S   DESIGN/ANLYS EXPER    Hartlaub, B.         5
A        ROS 23 MUSC-21.00 98/1S Y MUS LIT & STRUCTURE   Buehrer, T.          8
A        SM 105 PHYS-23.00 98/1S   FIELDS & SPACETIME    Greenslade, T.       7
A        SM 205 SOCY-33.00 98/1S   WEALTH & POWER        Macionis, J.        17
--------                                                                 ------
      20                                                                    328

B        103WBR IPHS-85.00 98/1S   CITYSCAPES            Brint, M.            4
B        ASC120 CLAS-11.00 98/1S   GREK LIT IN ENG:EPIC  Hahnemann, C.       15
B        ASC125 PSCI-41.00 98/1S   MODERN DEMOCRACIES    Camerra-Rowe,P.     30
B        ASC201 ECON-11.05 98/1S   PRIN MICROECONOMICS   Keeler, J.          31
B        ASC202 SPAN-31.00 98/1S   INTRO HISPANIC LIT    Metzler,Piano       19
B        ASC220 PHIL-31.00 98/1S   HIST OF ANCIENT PHIL  Richeimer, J.       25
B        ASC226 ENGL-70.00 98/1S   READ NARRATV FIC&THEO Mason, T.           20
B        ASC326 PHIL-55.00 98/1S   PHILOSOPHY OF ART     DePascuale, J.      24
B        BAIL 1 ENGL-01.09 98/1S Y LITERATURE & LANGUAGE Kapila, S.          18
B        BAIL10 ENGL-68.00 98/1S   JAZZ AGE              Smith, J.           27
T\B      BAIL12 ARHS-71.00 98/1S Y MUSEUM STUDIES        Younger, D.          7
B        BLT200 DRAM-20.00 98/1S   DRAMA AS VISUAL ART   Pisano, L.           6
B        DAN100 DANC-07.02 98/1S   DANC TECHNIQ:BEG MODR Patton, M.          20
B        DAVIS  SOCY-67.00 98/1S   FIELDWRK:RURL DIVRSTY Sacks, H.           17
B        HIG209 BIOL-33.00 98/1S   PLANT BIOLOGY         Sklensky, D.        20
B        HIGAUD BIOL-61.00 98/1S   ANIMAL BEHAVIOR       Mauck, R.           14
B        HRWITZ PSCI-01.04 98/1S Y QUEST FOR JUSTICE     Goren, L.           22
B        OLNAUD HIST-10.04 98/1S   ERLY MID AGE,400-1100 Bowman, J.          43
B        PLM200 ANTH-13.02 98/1S   INTRO CULTURAL ANTHRO Kipp, R.            29
B        PM 205 RELN-11.01 98/1S   INTRO TO STUDY RELN   Adler, J.           25
B        PM 207 CHEM-35.00 98/1S   CH KINETCS &THERMODYN Cummings, S.        16
B        PRC 01 MATH-18.00 98/1S   INTRO TO COMPUTER SCI Shults, B.          15
B        SM 101 ECON-43.00 98/1S   MONEY &FINANCL MARKTS Melick, W.          26
B        SM 105 PHYS-35.00 98/1S   CLASSICAL MECHANICS   Turner, P.           5
B        SM 108 SOCY-10.00 98/1S   HUMAN SOC:SYMBL&STRUC Macionis, J.        28
B        SM 201 PSYC-48.00 98/1S   THEOR OF PERSONALITY  Levine, M.          32
B        SM 203 PSYC-46.00 98/1S   COGNITIVE PSYCHOLOGY  Stoltzfus, E.       25
B        SM 224 PSYC-01.01 98/1S   INTRO TO PSYCHOLOGY   Niemiec, A.         30
B        SUNSET ANTH-91.00 98/1S   ST:RACE,GENDER,NATION Ajani, L.           13
B        TMBRLK PSCI-77.00 98/1S   IDEA OF COMMUNITY     Spiekerman, T.      14
--------                                                                 ------
      30                                                                    620

R-AFT    ACLAND ENGL-04.02 98/1S   INTRO POETRY WRITING  Belieu, E.           8
T-AFT    ACLAND HIST-89.02 98/1S   IS THE PAST KNOWABLE? Browning, R.         3
D        ASC114 ITAL-91.00 98/1S   DANTE & HIS CIRCLE    Richards, L.         6
D        ASC120 FREN-41.00 98/1S   FRANCOPHN POETRY&FILM Blacker, J.         16
D        ASC125 ENGL-54.00 98/1S   20TH CEN IRISH LIT    McMullen, K.        30
D        ASC201 ECON-75.00 98/1S   INTRO ECONOMETRICS    Harrington, D.      10
D        ASC202 SPAN-21.01 98/1S Y ADV GRAMR, CONV, COMP Roman-Odio, C.      19
D        ASC220 HIST-09.00 98/1S   HISTORY OF INDIA      Singer, W.          32
D        ASC225 ENGL-14.00 98/1S   SHAKESPEAR IN CONFLIC Marks, E.           22
D        ASC326 WMNS-30.00 98/1S   FEMINIST THEORY       Finke, L.           21
T-AFT    BAIL 1 SOCY-54.00 98/1S   RACE,ETHNIC& AM LAW   Sheffield, R.       12
R-AFT    BAIL 1 INDS-74.00 98/1S   MODELS-ARTISTIC PRACT Hyde, L.            16
D        BAIL10 SOCY-91.00 98/1S   ST:US RACE RELATIONS  Kohlman, M.         11
R-AFT    BAIL12 LGLS-83.00 98/1S   SR SEM IN LEGAL STUD  Sheffield, R.        7
T-AFT    BAIL12 ARHS-80.00 98/1S   SENIOR SEMINAR        Dabakis, M.          8
D        BAIL25 PSCI-91.00 98/1S   LIBERALSM,CONSERVATSM Elliott,Wortman     14
D        BAIL25 HIST-63.01 98/1S   LIBERL,CONSERV,RADICL Wortman,Elliott     16
D&E      BXH301 ARTS-50.00 98/1S   BEGIN PAINTING        Snouffer, K.        21
D&E      COLBRN ARTS-33.00 98/1S   DRAWING II            Garhart, M.         17
D        DAN100 DANC-27.00 98/1S Y THE CHOREOGRAPHER     Patton, M.           6
T-AFT    HIG 17 BIOL-62.00 98/1S   EXPER ANIMAL BEHAVIOR Mauck, R.           11
R-AFT    HIG109 BIOL-09.03 98/1S   INTRO TO EXPER BIO-I  Heithaus, P.        16
T-AFT    HIG109 BIOL-09.01 98/1S   INTRO TO EXPER BIO-I  Heithaus, P.        16
R-AFT    HIG120 BIOL-09.05 98/1S   INTRO TO EXPER BIO-I  Sklensky, D.        15
D        HIG208 RELN-12.00 98/1S   1STYRSEM:WOMEN &RELGN Dean-Otting, M.     12
D        HIG209 PHIL-20.00 98/1S   INTRO TO ETHICS       McLaren, R.         27
R-AFT    HIG309 BIOL-42.00 98/1S   EXP ANIMAL PHYSIOLOGY Gillen, C.          10
D        HILTHR DRAM-11.02 98/1S Y INTRO TO THEATER      Marley,Staff        46
D        HRWITZ PSCI-01.01 98/1S Y QUEST FOR JUSTICE     Clor, H.            23
T-AFT    OLN317 HIST-26.00 98/1S   SOPH SEM:THE JAZZ AGE Scott, W.           18
R-AFT    OLN317 HIST-30.01 98/1S   1STYRSEM:AFR HISTORY  Scully, P.           5
D        PLM200 ANTH-61.00 98/1S   LINGUISTIC ANTHROPLGY Kipp, R.            27
T-AFT    PM 101 CHEM-71.00 98/1S   ADVANCED LAB I        Batt, R.             4
R-AFT    PM 205 CHEM-13.02 98/1S   INTR EXPERIMNT CHEM I Thomas, D.          17
T-AFT    PM 205 CHEM-17.02 98/1S   EXP INVEST MOL STR I  Cummings, S.        14
R-AFT    PM 207 CHEM-33.03 98/1S   ORGANC CHEMSTRY LAB I Watson, A.          14
T-AFT    PM 207 CHEM-33.01 98/1S   ORGANC CHEMSTRY LAB I Ottinger, E.        16
D        PRC 01 MATH-21.00 98/1S   CALCULUS C            Slack, S.           23
D        PRC201 MUSC-15.00 98/1S   MUSIC HIST:19TH CENT  Cai, C.             12
T-AFT    RNGWLT HIST-73.00 98/1S   RACE,REVOLT S. AFRICA Crais, C.           10
D&E      SM 105 PHYS-45.00 98/1S   ADVANCED LAB          Idoine, J.           6
D        SM 201 PSYC-37.00 98/1S   ABNORMAL PSYCHOLOGY   Levine, M.          29
D        SM 203 PSYC-01.02 98/1S   INTRO TO PSYCHOLOGY   Fenigstein, A.      29
D        SM 205 PHIL-74.00 98/1S   ST:SARTR&MERLEAU-PNTY Richeimer, J.        8
D        SM 224 ENGL-01.12 98/1S Y LITERATURE & LANGUAGE Swinford, S.        17
D        SM 319 PSYC-82.00 98/1S   SENSATION & PERCEPTIO Niemiec, A.          5
--------                                                                 ------
      46                                                                    725

E        ASC114 GERM-85.00 98/1S   NEW GERM CINEMA&RETRO Hecht, E.            6
E        ASC120 CLAS-71.00 98/1S   SENIOR SEMINAR        McCulloh, W.         6
E        ASC125 PHIL-41.00 98/1S   EXISTENTIALISM        DePascuale, J.      27
E        ASC126 RELN-37.00 98/1S   APPROACHES RELIGION   Rogan, D.           19
E        ASC201 ENGL-21.00 98/1S   FROM EPIC TO ROMANCE  Klein, W.           25
E        ASC225 ENGL-01.07 98/1S Y LITERATURE & LANGUAGE Marks, E.           17
E        ASC326 RELN-11.02 98/1S   INTRO TO STUDY RELN   Schubel, V.         23
E        BAIL10 ANTH-13.03 98/1S   INTRO CULTURAL ANTHRO Khandelwal, M.      34
E        BAIL25 ENGL-58.00 98/1S   VICTORIAN ENCOUNTERS  Kapila, S.          14
E        DAN100 DANC-08.00 98/1S   DANC TECHNIQ:INT MODR Patton, M.          15
E        DAVIS  ANTH-65.00 98/1S   HIST ANTHRO THOUGHT   Schortman, E.       11
E        HRWITZ ENGL-07.00 98/1S   ADV FICTION WRITING   Lynn, D.            12
E        OLN307 ENGL-08.00 98/1S   ADV POETRY WORKSHOP   Kimbrell, J.         7
E        OLNAUD INDS-17.00 98/1S   INTRO TO FILM I       Tazewell,Vigdrm     53
E        PLM200 ASIA-81.00 98/1S   ASIA IN COMP PERSPCTV Dunnell, R.          7
E        PRC 01 MATH-28.00 98/1S   DATA STRUCTURES       Shults, B.           6
E        ROSAUD MUSC-38.00 98/1S   MUSC THEATR &OPER WRK Bjerke, H.           0
E        SM 101 PHYS-06.00 98/1S   ASTRNMY:PLANETS&MOONS Holdener, E.        59
E        SM 108 PSCI-51.00 98/1S   INTERN'L RELATIONS    McKeown, A.         31
E        SM 201 PSYC-67.00 98/1S   PHYSIOLOGICAL PSYC    McFarlane, H.       21
E        SM 205 ECON-86.00 98/1S   ECONOMICS OF HEALTH   Krynski, K.         10
E        SM 224 ENGL-18.00 98/1S   LIT BLACK DIASPORA    Clarke, J.          18
E        SUNSET ENGL-01.06 98/1S Y LITERATURE & LANGUAGE Smith, J.           17
--------                                                                 ------
      23                                                                    438

M-EVE    ACLAND HIST-99.01 98/1S   SR SEM:OPEN TOPICS    Schoenhals, K.      15
M-EVE    ASC 25 ENVS-61.00 98/1S   SEM: ENVIRNMTL STDIES Siddall, S.         23
M-EVE    ASC120 RELN-71.00 98/1S   SENIOR SEMINAR        Adler, J.           11
M-EVE    DAVIS  ENGL-04.01 98/1S   INTRO POETRY WRITING  Belieu, E.          15
M-EVE    HRWITZ HIST-77.02 98/1S   HISTORY OF IRELAND    Browning, R.        15
M-EVE    PLM200 SOCY-61.00 98/1S   CLASSICAL SOC THEORY  McCarthy, G.        20
M-EVE    SUNSET ENGL-03.02 98/1S   INTRO FICTION WRITING Kluge, F.           11
M-EVE    TMBRLK PSCI-96.00 98/1S   JUNIOR HONORS         Klesner, J.         11
--------                                                                 ------
       8                                                                    121

R-EVE    ACLAND PSCI-75.00 98/1S   US DEFENSE STRATEGY   McKeown, A.         14
R-EVE    ASC120 RELN-27.00 98/1S   JEWS IN LITERATURE    Dean-Otting, M.     15
R-EVE    HRWITZ PSCI-87.00 98/1S   NIETZSCHE             Baumann, F.         14
R-EVE    ROSAUD MUSC-79.00 98/1S   CONCERT BAND          Heuchemer, D.       42
R-EVE    TMBRLK HIST-95.00 98/1S   JRHNRS:ETHNOGRAPHERS  Bowman, J.          11
--------                                                                 ------
       5                                                                     96

T-EVE    ACLAND HIST-81.00 98/1S   MODERN GERMANY        Schoenhals, K.      19
T-EVE    ASC120 RELN-84.00 98/1S   READINGS OF JOB       Rogan, D.           20
T-EVE    BXH107 ARTS-80.01 98/1S   ADVANCED STUDIO       Garhart, M.          7
T-EVE    PLM200 ANTH-53.00 98/1S   PSYCHOLOGY ANTHROPLGY Kipp, R.            23
T-EVE    ROS 23 MUSC-19.00 98/1S   ST-THE MILLENNIUM     Cai, C.             10
T-EVE    SM 108 SOCY-21.00 98/1S   SOCIAL PROBLEMS&POLCY Macionis, J.        26
T-EVE    SM 205 PSYC-71.00 98/1S   MEMORY SEMINAR        Stoltzfus, E.       10
T-EVE    SUNSET ENGL-03.01 98/1S   INTRO FICTION WRITING Kluge, F.           12
T-EVE    TMBRLK HIST-99.02 98/1S   SR SEM:BEAT GENERATN  Rutkoff, P.         12
--------                                                                 ------
       9                                                                    139

W-EVE    ACLAND HIST-75.03 98/1S   CEN AM:IMPERIAL/REVO  Schoenhals, K.      19
W-EVE    ASC114 ECON-97.00 98/1S   SENIOR HONORS         Keeler,Krynski       3
W-EVE    ASC120 ECON-95.00 98/1S   JUNIOR HONORS         Keeler,Krynski       4
W-EVE    ASC326 PHIL-75.00 98/1S   ST:KANT&20TH CNT PHIL McLaren, R.          4
W-EVE    BAIL10 ANTH-50.00 98/1S   HUMAN SEXUALITY&CULTR Suggs, D.           29
W-EVE    BXH107 ARTS-80.02 98/1S   ADVANCED STUDIO       Snouffer, K.         7
W-EVE    DAVIS  INST-71.01 98/1S   SEN SEM:INTERN'L STDY Singer, W.          11
W-EVE    HIG208 PSCI-81.00 98/1S   ST:FRM STATE TO MARKT Camerra-Rowe,P.      8
W-EVE    HRWITZ PSCI-73.00 98/1S   CENSOR & PORNOGRAPHY  Clor, H.            20
W-EVE    OLN317 HIST-71.03 98/1S Y SEM:NORTH BY SOUTH    Scott,Rutkoff       15
W-EVE    ROSAUD MUSC-71.00 98/1S   KENYON COMMUNIT CHOIR Locke, B.           61
W-EVE    SM 205 ECON-83.00 98/1S   AM ECONOMIC HISTORY   Trethewey, R.       13
W-EVE    SUNSET ENGL-97.00 98/1S   SENIOR HONORS         Davidson, A.        12
W-EVE    TMBRLK INST-71.02 98/1S   SEN SEM:INTERN'L STDY Schubel, V.         11
--------                                                                 ------
      14                                                                    217

--------                                                                 ------
     339                                                                   6406

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