Kenyon College

Student Library Carrels
Students who wish to apply for a library carrel should first read the rules and regulations, then, if you can agree to abide by them, complete the application form by the 10th day of classes in either semester. Only those applications that are completed in full will be considered.

There are 44 two-person carrels. These 88 positions are assigned first to seniors, then juniors, etc., based on a point system, where

  • Reading for honors in the major = 1.00
  • Double majors = 1.00
  • Special need as certified by the Coordinator of Disability Services = 1.00
  • Prior library-carrel infractions = (-1.00)

Students who wish, may designate another student with whom they wish to be paired. In such cases their points will be averaged for consideration. Otherwise, students are paired in random order.

Additionally, there are 20 new individual lockers located in Chalmers that are available in lieu of a carrel.

Within two working days after the close of the application period, successful applicants will be contacted by e-mail.